HERITAGE - AC «Smolniy prospect»

AC «Smolniy prospect - HERITAGE»

The second apartment project for Artyom Tarasov. Made in conjunction with the completion of the family. Accordingly, more space, more rooms and of course the pool on the terrace) I suggested this to him, knowing how he likes to hang out. It was somehow on his birthday, oh mom))) In this project, we keep the idea of ​​a single space of the kitchen and living room, but the interior itself becomes more contrasting, brutal. Dark marble skirting boards, lacquered veneer Zebrano. It looks very powerful) Walls and ceilings complemented by brass moldings become even more complex. To give greater pomp, flutes were added under the ceiling of the kitchen and living room. When someone told me that there would be an overload, I decided to add soft panels to the walls. Artyom then asked: when will you start? You ask whether it was difficult to surprise the customer for the second time, because he wanted it anyway even better. Honestly, yes. The whole difficulty is that a person wants to spend a lot of money and then he wants to feel them in triple size)